Which level of government can help me?

Local Government - Queanbeyan-Palerang and Snowy Monaro Regional Councils

If your issue is in the following list, it’s best to contact QPRC or SMRC directly via phone, email, or their websites.

P: 1300 725 025
E: [email protected] 
W: Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council

P: 1300 345 345
[email protected]
Snowy Monaro Regional Council

  • Local roads and footpaths

  • Rubbish collection

  • Rates

  • Sporting fields and parks

  • Street lighting and signage

  • Residential and commercial development

  • Animal control

NSW State Government responsibilities

If your issue falls into one of the following categories, I may be able to help by making representations to the relevant department.

  • Community health and dental          

  • Public hospitals

  • Education

  • Land and water management

  • Industrial relations

  • Primary industries

  • Public housing

  • Main roads

  • Public works

  • Emergency services

  • National parks

  • Transport

  • Attorney-General

  • Ageing and disability

  • Community services

  • Police

  • Fair trading

  • Multiculturalism

  • Medical research

Federal Issues

If you have a Federal Government issue you should contact your local Federal Member. Everyone in Monaro is covered by Kristy McBain MP (Member for Eden-Monaro) 

You can contact Kristy via her website above, or by phone and email.

P: 02 6284 2442 (Queanbeyan office)
P: 02 6492 0542 (Bega office)
E: [email protected] 


  • Taxation

  • Aged Care

  • Trade

  • Foreign Affairs

  • Higher education

  • Defence

  • Aviation and shipping

  • Telecommunications

  • National highways

  • Veterans' Affairs

  • Medicare 

  • Centrelink

  • Child support